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Seed Coaching


YOU are enough – not more (fear), not less (talent). Just perfect.

You will climb mountains, in your mind, in your heart, possibly with your feet. People will call you ‘spirited’, ‘gutsy’, ‘daredevil’ possibly.

Perhaps a little untamed and wild to some. Who cares! Be Brave, Be you.

Be the best version of yourself!

Lets dig deep, play light and find that magician and spark! Let us spend some time exploring your uniqueness to unleash the spirit that holds a new way of doing things that is as juicy, fulfilling and fun. Ready to CREATE the life you want? Sign up for a package today and become the best version of yourself!

Kick start my heart
(mega session)

Need a rocket up yer bum? Or a helping hand to see the wood for then trees? Well that’s what this 90 minute session of coaching clarity, joy and ah-has will leave you with start your bravehearted journey here. Email follow up too.

My Story

I welcome you in with open arms ready to breathe deeply, stretch skywards and fly…
Lets get started...

Road Tripping
(3 session)

Wanna go on a trip with me into the future? Wanna see what’s next for you and let me hold your hand and guide you with masterful questions, suggestions and coaching that will have you standing at the top of the mountain in no time?

Work with me

Where has your inner genius, artist, lover gone? Lets dig deep, play light and find that magician and spark!


Big adventure
(6 session)

How do you make lasting change or take a HUGE leap – well you plan, map, strategize, ask for support, start and KEEP GOING. This is the biggest thing you might start AND finish! It’s the journey of YOU!



It was so great to have someone whom I could talk to about my goals and dreams.


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