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My story


My Story...

I think I entered the world asking questions! I have always been a curious and spirited woman. My friends would call me teletext after a TV information service around in the 70’s. I am a proud Highlander from the wilds of the very north of Scotland. Born and bred by the sea and now thriving here beachside in Sydney for the past ten years plus. I am pretty sure I was a mermaid in a previous life too.

I was always seeking something bigger, moving out of home young to travel, learn and explore the world. Whether it was at university, asking more questions as a politics and sociology grad, surfing in Portugal as a holiday rep, working in a an amusement park in Santa Cruz or road tripping through 50 of the 52 states of the good ol’ US of A, I never stopped asking questions – ALL DAY LONG! Not always listening to the answer of course, Always learning……………..

All these questions found me in recruitment, around the world, asking more people things about what they wanted to do with their working life next. BUT, I had bigger questions to ask people!

tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

And so almost a decade ago …. I became a coach…. A life coach, who helps you answer these questions, big and bite sized and holds your hand, releasing your potential to live the life you dream about and create it.

Of course that is only half the story - many questions and challenges have been asked of ME along the way, as a coach and a creative individual since starting this wild ride as a coach. I relocated to the other side of the world, changed careers, moved homes, wrote a book, and continue to explore my creativity that I never knew existed!

I have survived, revived and thrived through a divorce whilst pregnant with my beautiful son, and accompanied by my gorgeous daughter to create a life that is an entirely different shape to what I expected as that wild woman of the Highlands with my swollen backpack full of dreams almost 20 years ago.
I am happily stunned but not surprised that my endless questions have led me to where I am now…

What does life look like now for me?

(P.S It also involves a lot of beach time, Jimmy Choo heels and funky music)

I coach, speak and write regularly and would love to speak to you!

I am a co-activator in people’s dreams.

You are different! – What do you need? What do you feel? What’s next for you? (Here’s the questions coming!)

I am an endless resource to connect you to what you need in that beautiful unique mind of yours. Use me!

Wanna be heard? – How are YOU feeling? What do you want to do differently? What challenges do you face? How can I help you?

I LOVE action! Let me be your catalyst to START. Baby steps (you can’t eat an elephant in one day) to giant leaps. (lets be BRAVE together) It’s all there waiting for you.

I have also learned SLOW too. What nurtures you now? What pace feels good for you? You are perfectly where you should be.

Interested in having a conversation or being coached by me?    

Whats stopping you? (okay! I know enough questions!) Lets find you the answers……

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Just holler or whisper……