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Bravehearted Manifesto

YOU are enough – not more (fear), not less (talent). Just perfect.
You will climb mountains, in your mind, in your heart, possibly with your feet. People will call you ‘spirited’, ‘gutsy’, ‘daredevil’ possibly. Perhaps a little untamed and wild to some. Who cares! Be Brave, Be you.


YOU can defy the odds of your fears. Your scars may be on the inside or the outside for what you have endured, withstood, weathered,

Its about you!

YOU have defied and grown Bravehearted.
Determined, undaunted, unshrinking, stout-hearted, gallant and resolute you will go forth bravely and be YOU. Venture in your mind, your spirit and your body and courageously be YOU.


Lets Lead Together

YOU may go where others will not – Intrepid, have-a-go, Leaders are not created following the pack.